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GFS Financial Advisors, LLC.

Our company is composed of financial professionals who offer securities and high- quality insurance products and services. We service the individual and business marketplace using a Tax Advisory Approach in helping you with Strategies & Concepts to receive an income you will not outlive during your retirement years.

If you are already retired or planning your retirement let us help you build the PLAN. We will take the time to find out your individual needs and goals in order to provide you with a secure and worry-free retirement.


Kingdom Financial Minsitries


Are the companies you invest in  “good stewards” with the funds they receive from you? Do you know if the organizations you fund with your hard-earned investment dollars are in turn funding abortion groups, human trafficking, and other illicit or unethical activities? In most instances, many people have never given this topic any thought. The goal of this site is simple; To educate our clients and future clients on purpose-driven saving and investing, and to educate our faith-filled friends on the aspect of Biblically Responsible Investing. (BRI). In other words, do the stocks you purchased line up with your values? All the FREE blogs, newsletters, videos, and other resources you will find on this site will aid in this financial education goal. A more educated consumer makes better investment choices. So whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, let’s dig in together.

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Don Galade

Donald A. Galade has been serving people in the financial services industry since 1987. He is CEO of Kingdom Financial Ministries. The Lord has blessed him with a wonderful wife Cheryl and three amazing children, who are also

involved in ministry.

A student of the Word, Don has earned certificates of Theology, Ministerial Studies, and Bible Prophecy from the International School of the Word. (ISOW) 

Author of multiple books, In God We Trust, the Dollar We Worship (an International Amazon Best Seller) is a book that encourages readers in their faith and their ability to become better stewards of their resources.


His book 5 Steps, walks the reader through the process of obtaining financial freedom. His next book; Non-Prophet, does not have a release date.


The Money Matters Show Podcast


Join International Best-Selling Author Donald A. Galade as he covers a wide range of topics regarding your money. From saving, investing and giving we will look at all aspects of your money. Biblical & Secular investing with qualified research with a slice-of-life journalism.

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Stock Market Quotes

We use a multitude of investment vehicles to create an investment plan for our clients, albeit: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFS, Annuities or Gold and Silver.
As your wealth management advisor, we work with you to: 

  • Create a wealth management plan based on your financial picture...

  • Manage assets and investments to maximize growth recommendations based on your priorities and preferences.

The key to successful retirement planning is developing a plan that while based on your current financial situation, also meets your projected financial goals down the road. Knowing ALL there is to Social Security is just part of the equation. 

If you've already started saving for retirement, are you confident that you're saving enough to live the comfortable lifestyle you deserve or that you have your money in the right retirement plan for you?

  • Allocating assets to spouses, children, trusts, and charities

  • Periodic review of estate planning needs as your family situation and finances change

  • Gift tax strategies

  • Business succession planning

  • Trust administration

  • How much risk should I take to reach those goals?


  • Will I have enough money to retire?

  • How can I save for my children’s education and save for retirement too?

  • Are there ways to minimize taxes on accumulated wealth?

  • Should I convert to a Roth IRA?

  • What impact does social security have on my tax situation?


  • Precious Metals offered via:

  • Galade Financial Services, Inc. 

  • Galade Financial is an agent for Rare Coins of New Hampshire.

  • See if Physical Gold and Silver have a place in your portolio. Click or Call us today

The biggest financial planning mistakes we've seen over the last thirty plus years in business.


Did you leave a 401(k) at an old job? Always take your $ with you.  Do NOT make costly Tax Mistakes. ALWAYS TAKE YOUR MONEY WITH YOU!

Find out how.



Do you know your Risk Tolerance? 

All journeys start with a map. Don't start your trip into retirement without a plan. 

Awoken Conspiracy of Theory? Best-Selling Book

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